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Kiss & Tell: Seze & Bryan's Wedding Party
Wednesday September 26, 2012

DJ Olive
(theAgriculture, Room40 | Vancouver)
(Anticipate | NJ)
+ more TBA

594 Union Avenue, Williamsburg $5,
10pm - 4am, 21+

Almost seven years ago, Seze met Bryan at The Bunker by handing him a little flyer to the very first Kiss & Tell party. We just tied the knot on a very remote beach in Turkey on September 8. The wedding celebrations began in Berlin where The Bunker resident DJs premiered at Panorama Bar, and one by one, tore the house down. Since many of our friends could not make it to the dual city European wedding celebrations, we are having a party at Bellwether's swanky bar and restaurant. It is also Bryan's birthday!

We welcome you to come celebrate the newlyweds, fresh from their romantic seashore honeymoon, for a lovely night of music supplied by their oldest and dearest friends. Please join us for some dubby beats, champers, and Turkish baklava on Wednesday September 26th.

After a summer hiatus, freshly opened Bellwether has invited Kiss & Tell back for another party. In addition to amazing decor, delicious food, and affordable drinks, they have a fabulous hifi Klipsch sound system that will knock your socks off with its clarity and depth. There is a full dinner menu available (kitchen open until 11pm), lots of heavenly small plates, and a raw bar too. If you just want to show up to drink and dance, that's fine too, as the back room will be dancefloor-ready by midnight.

A live set will be provided by The Agriculture co-founder Gregor Asch aka DJ Olive The Audio Janitor. We could go on and on and on about his many accomplishments, but here's the short list: founded WE and played a huge role in the Brooklyn underground art party scene in the 90s, founded Phonomena Thursdays at subTonic (the party that introduced us to that magical space) in 1999, founded The Agriculture label with James Healy in 2003, showed work at the Venice and Whitney Biennials, and recorded and toured with a mind boggling list of notable experimental musicians. Olive was one of the first people Bryan met upon moving to NYC 15 years ago, and has remained a constant inspiration and good friend ever since. He has two upcoming albums on The Agriculture that we've had the pleasure of previewing, and we have to say, it's some of his best work yet. Olive is living in Vancouver now, so his New York appearances are pretty rare. The last time he was here, he played a surprise set at Unsound Festival New York in 2011 that ended up being the best set of the entire week.

Borne (Scott Vizioli) plays a diverse montage of musical influences, from experimental ambient to minimal techno and all that lies between. A lover of many styles, and the absurdities of everyday life, he enjoys the chance to blend in the unexpected. Across the east coast Borne has spread his unique sound in nooks, crannies, forests and concrete boxes ranging from The Bunker to Imagenode's inflatable blinky bubbles and spaces in between. Tonight Borne will be opening the party with a deep and interesting set like only he can deliver. borne

Kiss & Tell Hostess, Photographer: Seze Devres started Kiss & Tell as an extension of her raunchy knitting circle at Trash Bar on December 7, 2005. With a lot of help, support, and encouragement from her friends the party has become its own little monster. When she is is not dreaming up crazy themes and guests for Kiss & Tell she is a full time artist and designer. Seze's images and designs have graced dozens of galleries, record covers, posters, flyers, magazines, and web sites. She also co-hosts and photographs the guests of The Bunker, a world renowned weekly techno party in Brooklyn.

Thank you to Beyond Booking for support and promotion.