Wednesday Spetember 23, 2009

Rose Bar

345 Grand St Brooklyn, NYC
(Between Marcy and Havemeyer)
Directions: L train to Bedford or Lorimer; G to Metropolitan

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Kiss & Tell Presents:
Can You Feel the Beat?

A Freestyle Back to School Social Wednesday September 23
8pm - 2am FREE

Anthony Parasole
(Deconstruct, Underground Quality, House-n-Home | Brooklyn)
Unjust (Schematic | Miami)
Bethany Benzur (Kiss & Tell | Brooklyn)
Seze & Deanna - Hostesses
Beyond Booking - Sound & Promotion

Kiss & Tell hostess Seze first heard freestyle and house music growing up in New York City in the early 90s. She was exposed to most of the popular songs on the radio and at these awkward Catholic high school dances. Usually her all-girls high school would be invited to the gym of an all-boys school. The parties were a pathetic yet hilarious, and served as a great introduction to the music.

As a throwback to these high school dances, the ladies of Kiss & Tell are hosting an after school freestyle party to help you help you get to know your peers. This is a back to school social you don't want to miss! Our DJs promise to make your shake your booty to electro, freestyle, breakbreaks, roller disco, Latin jams, lots of drum machines and plenty of cheesy broken heart lyrics.

Our guest DJs represent New York and Miami, covering the full spectrum of the freestyle genre. Brooklyn born and raised Anthony Parasole, will be spinning freestyle and electro records, may of which he bought when they originally came out in his teens. Miami's own Unjust will join Parasole on the decks. Unjust (aka Ivy Feraco) comes from South Florida, land of palm trees and sunshine, where her musical taste was influenced by freestyle, bass, Miami-grown idm, and techno. Years ago she was a resident DJ at The Bunker.

Optional dress code: Anything Neon, Acid Wash Jeans, Catholic School Uniforms, Bridge and Tunnel, Guidos, Big Hair, Prints and Track suits, Saved by The Bell.

Don't forget to bring your Trapper Keeper!

Rose Bar Happy Hour 8-9
All night: $5 Pasta Dinners

Kiss & Tell Guest DJ: Anthony Parasole was born and raised in Brooklyn. Anthony Parasole has had a lifelong love affair with electronic music. Listening to radio shows playing the early dance tracks from New York, Chicago, and Detroit that really perked up his ears. His earliest experiences at the New York clubs and Storm Raves really blew his mind wide open. Not content to just be another party kid, Anthony began scouring the record stores for all of his favorite tracks. From the late-80's to the mid- 90's, Parasole was also huge into hip-hop. His engulfment in this gritty New York street-music is an influence on his style to this day. From 2003 to 2007, Anthony was a buyer at the Halcyon record store. Through Halcyon, a real pillar of the scene in NYC, Parasole made many contacts, and of course, multiplied the size of his record collection by carefully selecting all the best records from the store. He threw the "New Jack City" party at APT with his co-workers at Halcyon, bringing in The Martinez Brothers for the first NYC gig, Slam Mode, MkL, Adultnapper, Nick Chacona, Todd Sines, Brennan Green, and many more. This party really increased Anthony's exposure in New York, and led to many gigs at bigger clubs, including opening slots for Derrick May, Cajmere, and Layo and Bushwacka. 2008 was a great year for Anthony. He launched the Deconstruct record label with his partner Levon Vincent. DEC-001 "Invisible Bitchslap" by Levon Vincent sold out in one week, and immediately put the label on the map, being charted by Marcel Dettmann, Shed, and Jan Krueger. Hardwax and other influential stores are clamoring for more! Parasole also founded the House-N-Home loft-party series with partner Bryan Kasenic. They've already thrown successful parties with Jus-Ed, Brothers' Vibe, DJ Qu, Fred P, and Adultnapper, and will play host to Move D and other artists from the cutting edge of house and techno music in 2009. Anthony is currently working on a remix as well as his own original production due to come out later this year!

Kiss & Tell Guest DJ: Unjust comes from South Florida, land of palm trees and sunshine, where her musical taste was influenced by freestyle, bass, Miami-grown idm, and techno. Albums that were the turning point for her were Artificial Intelligence and Meat Beat's Satyricon. Since then she has always tried to bring something different to the mix and is certainly not a purist. Throwing minimal techno parties in Miami and playing bass as a resident at the Bunker are her ways of keeping it real.

Kiss & Tell Resident DJ: Bethany Benzur
Bethany Benzur is our resident disco encyclopedia and vinyl purist from Georgia. Recently emigrating to the Big Apple, Bethany has been ruling the dancefloor at Kiss & Tell parties with her Southern charm. The DJ nerds are regularly awed by her selections, and she joins us each month to warm you up with her mix of raunchy electro, glamorous dark disco, and soulful street funk. She is sometimes joined behind the decks by her husband (and italo disco nerd) Gabe.

Kiss & Tell Hostess, Photographer, Designer: Seze Devres started Kiss & Tell as an extention of her raunchy knitting circle at Trash Bar in Williamsburg on December 7, 2005. At first only a few people showed up to her new party. However wiith a lot of help, support, and encouragement from her friends the party has become its own little beast. When she is is not dreaming up crazy themes and guests for Kiss & Tell she is a full time artist, photographer, designer and curator.


Kiss & Tell Hostess: Deanna Asta met Seze, her fellow lady of the nightlife, a few years ago at The Bunker and they bonded instantly. Seze asked Deanna to help co-host Kiss & Tell once it moved to Rose Bar and she happily obliged. Deanna always shows up to Kiss & Tell with a bag full of tricks. She is our decorating goddess and makes sure everyone at the party is looking great and having a good time. She somehow convinced every guest to wear fake moustaches at the French pop party, and she dragged a vintage Nordic Track machine to the aerobics party! She holds a degree in design and over the years she has art directed/managed many design events and parties in NYC through her previous employment with When she's not enjoying the nightlife she's busy earning her second degree in Psychiatric Nursing.

Thank you to Beyond Booking for support and promotion.