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Kiss & Tell: Bewitched
HALLOWEEN Thursday October 31, 2013

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Kiss & Tell at Panther Room:
Josh Cheon

[Dark Entries / Honey Soundsystem]
Further Reductions live
[Shawn O’Sullivan + Katie Rose]
Bethany [Kiss & Tell]

Input at Output:
Silent Servant
Vatican Shadow live
Veronica Vasicka
Becka Diamond

Autumn is the most wonderful time of year for us good witches! The ladies of Kiss & Tell are brewing up a very special Halloween party just for you. We have invited some of our favorite DJs to celebrate the season of the witch. Expect to hear rare darkwave, supernatural synthpop, eerie electro,  and be the first to hear a newly re-released vintage 70s gay porn soundtrack.

Josh Cheon who hails from San Francisco, will be in town just to play our Halloween party and help host the official NY Patrick Cowley "School Daze" record release party for his label Dark Entires. We first met Josh Cheon at Honey Soundsytem, a west coast gay disco party that he co-hosts with a few other Kiss & Tell like minded darlings.

Also along for our Halloween moon lit ride are Shawn O’Sullivan and his lovely partner Katie Rose. Together they are in a synth band called Further Reductions. We have been enchanted by Shawn O’Sullivan's live sets, namely at The Bunker and we can't wait to hear his collaborations with fellow good witch Katie Rose.

Alyssa is an up and coming beautiful Mexican gem. She is planning on playing a darkwave set, filled with rare Latin spine-chilling surprises for us.

Our Kiss & Tell resident Bethany will be starting off the night with a set of dark italo and other sinfully haunting synthy sountracks.

Dress your spooky best: wayward witches, warlocks, wiccan wanderers, sexpot sorcerers, wizards, frightening fags and hags, shamans, faeries, sprites, soothsayers, magicians, conjurers, enchantresses, dark queens, necromancers, occultists, alchemists...

Free broomstick parking!

Party pics and hostess: Seze

Josh Cheon
grew up 15 minutes outside of New York City, and more specifically The Bank, a goth club that laid the foundations for his obsession with dark synthesizer driven music. He soon got a summer job with Metropolis Records in Philadelphia who released modern EBM and synthpop bands as well as classic darkwave. While attending Rutgers University, he became the Music Director for 90.3FM The Core for two years and held internships at Beggars Banquet/4AD/Matador and DFA Records. Moving to San Francisco in 2006, Josh fell into the disco revival with Honey Soundsystem and secured a weekly radio show on West Add Radio. His love of underground 80s music couldn't stay buried and pushed him to start Dark Entries, a record label specializing in re-issuing lost music from that time as well as contemporary bands referencing those analog sounds. From the first release in July 2009, Dark Entries now has 48 releases under their belt and many more in the pipeline...


Dark Entries was born in the spring of 2009 to release out of print and unreleased synth-driven music as well as contemporary bands referencing that sound. A project of Josh Cheon, a vinyl-focused DJ and collector, Dark Entries takes great care in preserving sound quality and respecting the aesthetics of its artists. All of their releases are in limited runs, hand numbered and sometimes stamped, a carry over from the DIY days of the 1980s independent record labels. Dark Entries entrusts all of their projects with the best engineer in the state, George Horn at Fantasy Studios, who has remasters each release using his 50+ years of knowledge in the industry. And for those of you who are wondering Dark Entries was the first 7″ released by UK goth band Bauhaus.

Dark Entries and Honey Soundsystem are excited to announce the release of  School Daze,a retrospective double LP of disco pioneer Patrick Cowley. This very special LP features a compilation of restored Cowley productions unearthed in the garage of vintage gay porn company Fox Studio. Spanning nearly 90 minutes, the 11 tracks (originally recorded between 1973 and 1981), epitomize Cowley's forward thinking and his affinity for mixing elements of varying styles of music.  Simply put, Cowley was a musical trailblazer ahead of his time. His approach to making music was an experiment of sound and with his since exploration he forged a new electronic sound and style, cementing his position as a key player in the creation of hi-NRG dance music and the San Francisco Sound. His credits as a producer include Sylvester's "Do You Wanna Funk", Paul Parker's "Right on Target" and collaborations with Jorge Socarras of Indoor Life - this is just the tip of the iceberg.  An early victim of AIDS, Cowley passed away at the age of 32; these recordings shine a new light on the experimental side of a disco legend who was taken too soon from us.  School Daze  will be released on what would be his 63rd birthday, October 19th. All proceeds from the release will go to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Be sure to check out the  Patrick Cowley website to read more about this amazing man. 

Shawn O’Sullivan + Katie Rose aka Further Reductions

(bio coming soon)

Alyssa Barrera hails from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and blossomed a techno heart on the vicious border streets of Mexico and Texas. By age eight, she was listening to industrial rock, which seemed appropriate to listen to when guns, kidnappings, and trafficking was happening all around the town. She was introduced to minimal and house in 2006 in the Monterrey scene in Mexico. Alyssa carved out her niche with labels such as Kompakt and Comeme. Most of her upcoming early DJ years were spent at Aura Club, Bar Americas and Topaz, the last of which was started by the one and only Rebolledo. His earliest collections of records are stored at Topaz, and this club became the biggest hub for Kompakt and Comeme artists in Mexico. These early gigs launched her into the Mexico scene, playing in cities such as Los Cabos, Chihuahua, Morelia, and Guadalajara. It was not until she moved to Brooklyn, NY that she started releasing music. Under the moniker Downtown39, Alyssa and her partner released a remix on the German label Dikso. She also collaborated on a synthy deep house EP with her partner, Cameo Culture, on No.19. Alyssa's next collaboration is due for release sometime in the fall of 2013 on Free Association, with her electronic funk band 4 Blind Mice. Alyssa's solo work is also spreading it's wings, with her track Broken Burdens due for release with a remix by artists Zombies in Miami. Outside of the dance scene, Alyssa is doing a Bachelors in classical music and sound design.

Bethany Erskine is Kiss & Tell's beautiful disco encyclopedia from Mississippi. Ever since she emigrated to Brooklyn in 2007, Bethany has ruled the dancefloor at Kiss & Tell parties with her Southern charm and excellent taste. Even the deepest crate digging record nerds are regularly awed by her rare records and can be seen trainspotting her selections. Each month she delights us with her mix of raunchy electro, glamorous dark disco, and soulful street funk. Bethany has recently been moonlighting at The Bunker party with some very memorable opening sets of space disco and house.

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Kiss & Tell Hostess, Photographer: Seze Devres started Kiss & Tell as an extension of her raunchy knitting circle at Trash Bar on December 7, 2005. With a lot of help, support, and encouragement from her friends the party has become its own little monster. When she is is not dreaming up crazy themes and guests for Kiss & Tell she is a full time artist and photographer. Seze's images and designs have graced dozens of galleries, record covers, posters, flyers, magazines, and web sites. She also co-hosts and photographs the guests of The Bunker, a world renowned weekly techno party in Brooklyn.


Vatican Shadow aka Dominick Fernow might be best known for his industrial incantations under the Prurient moniker, but in recent months his attention has shifted towards a different outlet. Fernow's interest in electronic music (from the clamorous grind of Muslimgauze to the recently defunct Sandwell District imprint) has been well documented, and it comes to a frothy head with his Vatican Shadow project. Revolving around themes gleaned from Iraq war propaganda and yellowing stacks of newspaper clippings, the tracks on 'Kneel Before Religious Icons' are a perfect representation of Fernow's modus operandi. Behind a wall of tape hiss, drum machine rhythms beat out memories of early Ministry and AFX while sickly FM synthesizer pads crawl and heave into the abyss. Like much of Fernow's output prior to this, the emphasis is on society's darker crevices, but Vatican Shadow is steeped in an alarming mystery and sulfuric smoke that is sure to surprise recent converts.

Raime are Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, an enigmatic London-based duo seeking to re-establish electronic composition as a physical and emotionally inquisitive force. Their debut album, 'Quarter Turns Over A Living Line', is upon us, released on sharp London label Blackest Ever Black in November 2012, and a stunning new A/V live show emerges with it. To date, over three sold-out EPs released on and a select string of imperious live outings (including at Sonar as watched by Aphex Twin, a pronounced admirer of their work, and dates with the likes of Hype Williams and Cut Hands), Raime have honed a shadowy aesthetic all of their own. Their music offers a creeping, unavoidable sonic truth, moving steady and relentless from the speakers and weaving vast waves of sound, both beautifully intricate and artfully industrial, around gut-shaking rhythm cycles. On 'Quarter Turns Over A Living Line' the gothic and industrial signifiers of their earlier work remains, but more submerged and oblique than ever - no less pronounced as influences than jungle's rhythmic dynamism and doom metal's oppressive weight, or aspects of techno, modern composition and dub.

SILENT SERVANT aka Juan Mendez, one of the chaps responsible for DOWNWARDS RECORDS, home of Tropic Of Cancer, DVA Damas (aka one of PTP's favorite record labels), brings his dark sounds to the Echo stage for the first time. Behold, the link between early electronic, post-punk, noise and the modern brand of industrial-strength techno and nihilistic industrial music. For fans of Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Front 242, Skinny Puppy...and switchblades.

Veronica Vasicka is a photographer, musician, DJ and founder of the epic record label and on-line music resource Minimal Wave. As one of the founding members of East Village Radio, she managed the station during its pirate days and began collecting obscure and long forgotten gems that fell somewhere between the Cold Wave, Post Punk and Minimal Synth genres. Not knowing what to classify these bands as, she coined the genre Minimal Wave and set up the website as an online resource to share her finds with the rest of the world.

The response to the website was huge and shortly after its launch, Veronica began tracking these artists down and re-issuing their work on the Minimal Wave label. Most of these bands recorded extremely limited copies of their work in their basements and shared their work with the world via John Peel’s radio show and a handful of underground music mailings. The music released on the label is a stripped down, DIY and purer approach to mainstream synth pop. Never-the-less, fans of New Wave acts, and bands like Kraftwerk, New Order, and Joy Division who are seeking something a bit different or looking to expand upon the familiar genre, will not be disappointed.

In addition to running Minimal Wave, Veronica launched the Cititrax label as way to expose newer synth-based act as well as obscure House and Italo classics. She DJs bi-monthly around New York City and every Sunday night on her East Village Radio show, Minimal Wave.

Becka Diamond is a best known for her work as a DJ, fashion stylist, music correspondent, social media enthusiast, and occasional model. Raised in Boston, she currently splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City. She has curated music for hotels, clubs, bars & fashion events. Her clients have included Google, Soho House, Pamela Love, All Saints, NYLON, & Bergdorf Goodman. She has also starred in lookbooks for Bliss Lau, Obesity + Speed, Resin/Made Her Think, and Reece Hudson, to name a few.

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