Saturday May 16, 2009

Flyer by Seze

Kiss & Tell Presents: Get Funky
Saturday May 16, 2009
10pm - 4am
Guest DJ: Kevin McHugh
Guest DJ: Vacuum
Resident DJ: Bethany Benzur
Hosted by:  Seze & Deanna
Party photos by: Seze

My dear friend Kevin McHugh (aka Ambivalent) will be treating us to a rare non-techno set, opting to bring out the old funk and soul jams that got him into DJing in the first place back in 1995. After producing music and fine art events in New York for over a decade, Kevin really made a name for himself as a techno producer with his monster hit, "R U OK" for Richie Hawtin's M_nus imprint, and moved to Berlin last year to focus on music production and touring.

I met Matt Abbott at the No Way Back party in Detroit last year, and we bonded over our mutual interest in psychedelic art and techno. He regularly produces techno tracks under the name Vacuum, and also works with G.O.D. (Guys on Drugs) and DEATHSQUAD. Like all Kiss & Tell DJs, Matt has a taste for many kinds of music, and will be treating us to a set of classic disco, including a good amount of his own re-edits.

Kiss & Tell is back with her old boyfriend Rose Bar.

Donations accepted for
BARC Animal Shelter

Rose Bar
345 Grand St Brooklyn, NYC (Between Marcy and Havemeyer)
Directions: L train to Bedford or Lorimer; G to Metropolitan


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Kiss & Tell Guest DJ: Kevin McHugh (aka AMBIVALENT) is a native of Washington, DC and resident of Berlin. His musical development began in DC where he was influenced by the broad nature of that city’s music scene. Early exposure to acidhouse and industrial side-by-side with DC’s homegrown go-go and hardcore punk scenes deeply influenced his music. After a brief period in London, Kevin moved to New York in 1996. He began producing a music series inside the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage for Creative Time. Over the next 5 years he produced events with artists such as Thomas Brinkmann, Dimbiman, Carl Craig, Ryoji Ikeda, Pole, and many more. It was during this time that he began making a connection with Minus. He went on to produce events in New York featuring friends such as Magda, Troy Pierce and his roommate Jesse (Heartthrob) as well as Matthew Dear, Akufen and Sammy Dee. He moved to Berlin in 2004 to help Richie Hawtin produce the Plastikman live concert. He later returned to New York and re-dedicated himself to producing music inspired by his friends. He answered an ad for an apartment, and moved in with a DJ named Camea. She later created Clink Recordings. He DJs regularly all around the world. He has releases and remixes (past and forthcoming) on Minus, Clink, Klickhaus, Esperanza, and Leftroom.

Kiss & Tell Guest DJ: Matt Abbott (aka Vacuum)
Truth be told, the only thing separating Matt Abbott (aka Vacuum) from your run-of-the-mill, drug addled, lowlife, redneck, hoodrat motherfucker is that he is the owner of a laptop computer and a stellar record collection. With these two resources, a good ear, and a brain wired for weird, Vacuum turns out quirky, funky, techno and house jams, as well as disco re-edits and the odd yacht rock/coke rock compilations. Matt Abbott’s got more pseudonyms than can be listed here (snaps+handclaps-sex panther-etc), is part of 2 shitbag groups (G.O.D. (Guys On Drugs), and DEATHSQUAD) and has remained a bright light in Detroit’s on-again, off-again, party scene since the mid 90’s as a DJ, live act, and party promoter.

Kiss & Tell Resident DJ: Bethany Benzur
Bethany Benzur is our resident disco encyclopedia and vinyl purist from Georgia. Recently emigrating to the Big Apple, Bethany has been ruling the dancefloor at Kiss & Tell parties with her Southern charm. The DJ nerds are regularly awed by her selections, and she joins us each month to warm you up with her mix of raunchy electro, glamorous dark disco, and soulful street funk. She is sometimes joined behind the decks by her husband (and italo disco nerd) Gabe.

Kiss & Tell Hostess: Deanna Asta
Deanna Asta met Seze, her fellow lady of the nightlife, a few years ago at The Bunker and they bonded instantly. Seze asked Deanna to help co-host Kiss & Tell in 2007. Deanna always shows up to Kiss & Tell with a bag full of tricks. She is our decorating goddess and makes sure everyone at the party is looking great and having a good time. She somehow convinced every guest to wear fake moustaches at the French pop party, and she dragged a vintage Nordic Track machine to the aerobics party! She holds a degree in design and over the years she has art directed/managed many design events and parties in NYC through her previous employment with When she's not enjoying the nightlife she's busy earning her second degree in Psychiatric Nursing.

Kiss & Tell Hostess, Photographer, Designer: Seze Devres
Seze Devres started Kiss & Tell as an extention of her raunchy knitting circle at Trash Bar in Williamsburg on December 7, 2005. Only a few people showed up to her party. However wiith a lot of help, support, and encouragement from her friends the party has become its own little beast. When she is is not dreaming up crazy themes and guests for Kiss & Tell she is a full time artist, photographer, designer and curator.


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