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Kiss & Tell Valentines: I Want Your Love
Friday February 14, 2014
9pm - 4am

Baby's All Right
146 Broadway (near Bedford Ave) Brooklyn

Tin Man [ Sähko, Acid Test - Austria ]
Safety Scissors [ BPitch Control | Brooklyn ]
Mariner [ Navy Yard Records | Brooklyn ]

Jason Kendig [Honey Soundsystem | San Francisco ]
Vincent Lemieux [ Mutek, Musique Risquée | Montreal ]
Alyssa [ Kiss & Tell | Brooklyn ]

$8 advance Tickets available on RA

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a night of magical music brought to you by some very talented gentlemen. Bring a friend or a date, dance to your heart's content. Valentine's Day is not for the faint of heart, but your heart might end up pleasantly surprised by the end of the night.

Montreal's Vincent Lemieux rarely gets to add extra fromage to his eclectic and sexy house sets, but tonight he will treat us to a special set of Italo and disco.  Lemieux has delighted our ears for years with his keen curatorial choices as part of the Mutek team.  He also is co-label owner of Musique Risquée and a heavy record collector. We can't wait to hear what he plays for us at Kiss & Tell.

Tin Man has always delivered at The Bunker with his full on acid sets. It will be a real treat to have him play live at Kiss & Tell. Don't forget to wish him a happy birthday too!

San Francisco's Jason Kendig from Honey Soundsystem, will be playing a sexy disco and italo set filled with lots of guilty pleasures.

Matthew Patterson Curry, the wizard behind Safety Scissors, is a man of many talents. His dreamy vocals are the cherry on top of the sweet productions and groovy beats. Catch him for this very rare live set at Kiss & tell. He promises to create a special cover song just for Valentine's Day.  What will it be???

Mariner is the Brooklyn duo Eric Holmes and John Petro. We know they are going to melt our hearts with their live set.

Kiss & Tell fireside favorite Alyssa will be warming up the night.

Secret Valentine's kissing photobooth will be provided by Seze Devres Photography NYC.

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Now Austria-based, Tin Man was born in Los Angeles to Finnish parents and now holds citizenship to both Finland and the USA. He has been making a reputation for himself over the last five years, first via a series of classic house influenced 909 driven releases for Keys of Life, a sub label of famous Finnish imprint Sähkö recordings. His work started to take a darker more cold wave influenced shape in 2008. In 2012, Tin Man released "Neo Neo Acid" on the Acid Test label. This was a return to the dubbed out acid of his earlier releases, and one of our favorite releases of the year. Tin Man's sets have always delivered at The Bunker with his full on acid sets.

Honey Soundsystem's mission state gets right to the point: "We are a collective of disc jockeys, musicians, performers and designers. We bond over our shared love of timeless sound, iconic imagery, the complete look, indulgent behavior, and most of all, attractive men." Over the past seven years, their weekly party at the Holy Cow has become absolutely legendary.

Jason Kendig, one of the resident DJs joining us tonight, hails from Detroit and cut his teeth as a DJ at the same parties Derek Plaslaiko and Mike Servito back in the day. Honey has been instrumental in the formation of three high quality record labels: Dark Entries, Discaire, and HNYTRX - their in-house label for special one off releases. When they headlined The Bunker in August, we discovered that Honey Soundsystem are all around masters of good vibes who know how to bring it behind the decks, and we couldn't be more excited ot bring them back into the fold.

Vincent Lemieux Montreal, CA - For almost a decade, Vincent Lemieux has played an integral role in Montreal’s internationally acclaimed dance-music community. Lemieux is man who wears many different hats: curator, label owner, DJ, producer, taste-maker… this is a man who has done it all and inflected every project in his association with an indelible personal style.

Internationally, Vince is probably best known as one of the curators behind Montreal’s MUTEK Festival. Since 2000, he has helped shape his hometown conception of progressive electronic music through the acts he brings to town. When not programming the festival, Lemieux hosts two of the most cutting-edge techno weeklies in the city. His long-running Tuesday night at Salon Daomé, where he DJ’s alongside world-class talent, has become a staple in Montreal’s nightlife. Claude Von Stroke, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Zip, Sammy D, they’ve all graced the decks at Daomé courtesy of Vince.

As label owner of Musique Risquée, which he started with Akufen’s Marc Leclair, Lemieux is also responsible for fostering local and international talent. The label has released work by Atom TM, Akufen, Bruno Pronsatto, The Mole, Jichael Mackson, Guillaume & the Coutu-Dumonts, Philippe Cam, and others. Musique Risquée tracks have been featured on compilations by Crosstown Rebels, Tigersushi, Fabric, and Freud Am Tanzen. Vince has also spawned the city’s Soirée Risquée nights, now with over 30 incarnations, showcasing the label’s fine roster to enthusiastic fans.

Yet it is his work as a DJ that has caught the ears of the most listeners. Lemieux has toured the world as an ambassador for Montreal’s distinctive brand of micro-house. As the official MUTEK DJ, his sets have been a staple of festival showcase from China to Paris to Berlin and back. His DJing skills have found fervent followers all over the world, at events in Spain (Sonar), Mexico (MUTEK_MX), Chile (MUTEK_CL), and Argentina (MUTEK_AR).

Since 2006, Lemieux has been expanding into music production through collaborations with Guillaume Coutu-Dumont (as Flabbergast) and Stephen Beaupré (as Brandy Snifter). Currently he’s mixing first mix album of Musique Risquée greatest hits, which is due in 2008. In the next year, focus will shift increasingly to recording music and moving into the one domain of electronic music he has yet to conquer.

Safety Scissors - In the early stages of Matthew Patterson Curry's musical adventures he was surrounded by the likes of Kit Clayton, Sutekh, Twerk, Kid 606, and Matmos, the San Francisco experimental electronic scene in the early naughts, who provided musical support and inspiration for his first forays into production under his Safety Scissors moniker. In May of 2000 at the very first Mutek Festival, he debuted his singing and electronic music in a live context. The dub-tinged techno pop was culled into the Plug Research album Parts Water which received wads of international praise, hailed as a pioneering exploration of fusing songs with experimental techno.

Subsequent worldwide touring and invitations to well respected festivals soon followed, leading him to his obligatory Berlin stint. With Tainted Lunch, his second full length album which was released on Pole's ~scape label, he strayed further from his initial techno roots, defining his own brand of "dork pop". His non-singer singing was more present and the structures echoed radio friendly tunes enlisting musical help from friends Kevin Blechdom, Francoise Cactus (Stereo Total), and Erlend Øye. He also has lent his talents for numerous remixes of artists in all shapes in sizes (including Matmos, Sketch Show featuring two members of Yellow Magic Orchestra, and indie bands like Grizzly Bear and Architecture In Helskinki).

During all this he also founded his Proptronix label, releasing acclaimed acts like My Robot Friend and the Pigeon Funk project. Returning to San Francisco eventually he became immersed in the world of audio post production, while he still hung out with his synthesizers at night.

With thirst for growth he relocated to New York in 2010, and between his audio work for artists, composing for ads, DJ gigs and exhausting socializing has completed a third album, which embodies both a more cultivated pop sensibility but also harkens back to his mellow and moody early material. After far too long, Safety Scissors is ready to return to music in 2013 with vigor and sincerity. In A Matter Sleeping encapsulates an extended period of time that Safety Scissors was dormant in the scope of musical press and releases. Besides the standard love and identity fare it covers themes of writer's block, sloth, perseverance, happenstance, infinity, and relativity.


Mariner is a two-piece electronic rock band based in New York City and is the product of a life-long friendship between Eric Holmes and John Petro, who met nearly 20 years ago in Southwest Florida. Holmes and Petro began writing songs together in 2009, and Mariner’s debut album—Silver EP—was released by Navy Yard Records in 2013. The songs tell of the inextinguishable nature of hope, the pressing force of fear, and the joy of giving up your worries—if only for a moment.

Alyssa Barrera hails from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and blossomed a techno heart on the vicious border streets of Mexico and Texas. By age eight, she was listening to industrial rock, which seemed appropriate to listen to when guns, kidnappings, and trafficking was happening all around the town. She was introduced to minimal and house in 2006 in the Monterrey scene in Mexico. Alyssa carved out her niche with labels such as Kompakt and Comeme. Most of her upcoming early DJ years were spent at Aura Club, Bar Americas and Topaz, the last of which was started by the one and only Rebolledo. His earliest collections of records are stored at Topaz, and this club became the biggest hub for Kompakt and Comeme artists in Mexico. These early gigs launched her into the Mexico scene, playing in cities such as Los Cabos, Chihuahua, Morelia, and Guadalajara. It was not until she moved to Brooklyn, NY that she started releasing music. Under the moniker Downtown39, Alyssa and her partner released a remix on the German label Dikso. She also collaborated on a synthy deep house EP with her partner, Cameo Culture, on No.19. Alyssa's next collaboration is due for release sometime in the fall of 2013 on Free Association, with her electronic funk band 4 Blind Mice. Alyssa's solo work is also spreading it's wings, with her track Broken Burdens due for release with a remix by artists Zombies in Miami. Outside of the dance scene, Alyssa is doing a Bachelors in classical music and sound design.

Kiss & Tell Hostess, Photographer: Seze Devres started Kiss & Tell as an extension of her raunchy knitting circle at Trash Bar on December 7, 2005. With a lot of help, support, and encouragement from her friends the party has become its own little monster. When she is is not dreaming up crazy themes and guests for Kiss & Tell she is a full time artist and photographer. Seze's images and designs have graced dozens of galleries, record covers, posters, flyers, magazines, and web sites. She also co-hosts and photographs the guests of The Bunker, a world renowned weekly techno party in Brooklyn.


Thank you to The Bunker New York for support and promotion.