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Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts
Kiss & Tell: The Rite of Spring

Sunday April 17, 2011 9pm - 2am
Guest DJs: Mike Huckaby, Spinoza, Bethany Benzur
Hosted by Communikey and Kiss & Tell
Art installation by Seze Devres and Meghan Rozell

Spring is in the air.... On Sunday April 17, a very auspicious day indeed, a full moon will be on the horizon, and we will be in Colorado celebrating the final day of Communikey Festival. For the special out of town voyage, we are hosting a unique edition of Kiss & Tell at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

Taking inspiration from Igor Stravinsky's infamous 1913 ballet The Rite of Spring, expect to attend a riot of a party! When the ballet first premiered almost a hundred years ago, the audience caused an uproar because the music and performance was far too avant guard. Unlike most perfectly pleasant ballets of it's era, this one had ugly pagans that sacrifice a maiden to propitiate the gods of spring. The crowd was so disturbed that fighting broke out in the auditorium. The Rite of Spring later became one of the most appreciate and adored scores, it was even used in 1940 to create the most memorable scenes in Walt Disney's Fantasia.

At this magical closing pageant of Communikey Festival our favorite DJs Mick Huckaby, Bethany Benzur, and Bryan Kasenic will treat us to spectacular sets of rare italo, cosmic disco, space pop, and other vintage dance music delights.

We have been working furiously on creating a flower explosion of hundreds of recycled paper flowers to decorate the gallery walls and make the night even more glorious. Meghan Rozell has a team working on flowers in Boulder, and Seze Devres has her good lady friends helping out in Brooklyn. Expect to dance, among delicate handmade flowers, to sexy disco tunes.

Dress to impress: Fun and fancy floral dresses and ties, wear anything with flower patterns, wear flowers in your hair, be a flirty ballerina or dress like your inner flower child, wear all white and mix in with all the paper wallflowers we have made just for you! Don't forget to wear your dancing shoes.


Communikey Festival of Electronic Arts

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
1750 13th Street Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 443-2122

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White paper flower installation for The Rite of Spring created by
Seze Devres
and Meghan Rozell

with much help and guidance from the following very crafty ladies and gentlemen:
BROOKLYN - Mariah Balaban, Morgan Campbell, Deanna Asta, Catherine Eberhardt, Michelle Erfer, Ivy Feraco, Aurelie Gaudr,y Jamey Poole, Theresa Mershon, Margherite Ottaviano
Masha Matveyeva Yesica Mirambeaux
BOULDER - Erica Dixon, Gina Fields, James Reagan, Jacob Wood

Guest DJ: Mike Huckaby The main thing you need to know about Mike Huckaby is that he has impeccable taste and the ability to see past petty genre divisions to bring together amazing sets that may cover everything from the deepest house and the darkest techno to classic tracks from 20 years ago that you didn't even realize existed. These skills have landed him endless gigs worldwide at huge clubs, and make him an ideal DJ for educated dancefloor. Although his talents as a DJ are well documented, do not forget that he is also a very accomplished producer of dub techno and deep house, with tracks on his own Deep Transportation and S Y N T H labels, as well as the Berlin-based Cache imprint. When Huck was in town to at the Unsound Festival in February, we asked him to pack a bag of disco and classic dance music to play a surprise set at the Kiss & Tell Unsound Closing Party. Huck not only played one of the best sets of the festival, but also one of the best DJ sets we've ever heard. We couldn't resist having him back, and this time he brought a reel to reel deck and a bunch of exclusive disco edits just for this party.

Guest DJ: Bryan Kasenic (aka Spinoza) is known in the electronic music world for his successful party The Bunker, adventurous DJ sets, involvement with Unsound Festival, and his booking agency Beyond Booking. He started DJing in 1996, playing psychedelic soundscapes in chillout rooms and on college radio shows (Carnegie Mellon, Rutgers, and New York University). Slowly but surely, he became more obsessed with all forms of dance music, and at this point plays dance music worldwide. Spinoza has thrown many parties in New York City. In 2001, Kasenic oversaw the bookings at Openair, where he invited Magda for her first residency in New York City. There he hosted techno luminaries like Zip, Daniel Bell, and John Tejada. From 2000 to 2005, Spinoza helped DJ Olive and Jameson run The Agriculture, a record label dedicated to bringing homegrown laptop dub to the masses. Later he had a 5-year stint at Halcyon with the Undercity weekly. He has mostly focused on The Bunker since January 2003, eventually turning it into the premier techno weekly in North America, morphing into a bigger monthly party in 2009. In 2005, he started doing all the booking for the Wolf + Lamb Marcy Hotel in Williamsburg, helping to almost instantly transform it into the hottest after-hours spot New York City. Spinoza went on to curate and help throw many larger warehouse and loft parties with Wolf + Lamb. In 2008, he founded the House-n-Home loft party series with Anthony Parasole. In February 2010 Bryan's began producing events for the yearly Unsound Festival in New York. Unsound, Poland's most adventurous music festival, brought a bold and uniquely modern program of music to Kraków for seven years before producing a New York edition. The Bunker Unsound events presented a cross section of some of the most interesting electronic music artists from Eastern Europe and the US.

Kiss & Tell Resident DJ: Bethany Benzur is our beautiful disco encyclopedia and vinyl purist from Georgia. Ever since she emigrated to Brooklyn in 2007, Bethany has been ruling the dancefloor at Kiss & Tell parties with her Southern charm and excellent taste. Even the deepest crate digging record nerds are regularly awed by her rare records and can be seen trainspotting her selections. Each month she delights us with her mix of raunchy electro, glamorous dark disco, and soulful street funk. Bethany has recently been moonlighting at The Bunker party with some very memorable opening sets of space disco and house. Kiss & Tell will be presenting the closing night festivities at the Communikey Festival in Boulder, Colorado in April 2011, where Bethany will be playing alongside Kiss & Tell favorite Mike Huckaby.

Mixes by Bethany:
Her monthly podcast with Dang & Tal:

Kiss & Tell Hostess, Photographer: Seze Devres started Kiss & Tell as an extension of her raunchy knitting circle at Trash Bar on December 7, 2005. At first only a few people showed up to her new cocktail party. However with a lot of help, support, and encouragement from her friends the party has become its own little monster. When she is is not dreaming up crazy themes and guests for Kiss & Tell she is a full time artist and designer. Seze's images and designs have graced dozens of galleries, record covers, posters, flyers, magazines, and web sites. She also co-hosts and photographs the guests of The Bunker, a world renowned weekly techno party in Brooklyn.

Thank you to Beyond Booking for support and promotion.