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Kiss & Tell Bumblebee Disco
Wednesday April 4, 2012

Mike Servito
[The Bunker, Ghostly | Brooklyn]
Patrick Russell
[Mentalux, Circus Company | Brooklyn]
Bryan Kasenic
[The Bunker | Brooklyn]
Ivy Feraco aka Unjust
[Schematic | Brooklyn]

Hosted by Seze

594 Union Avenue, Williamsburg
9pm - 4am $5

Buzz buzz! Spring is in the air and we're all feeling a little frisky. Kiss & Tell took a long break over the Winter and now we are itching to get back to the discotheque. Please join us, in our fancy new honey hive, for a night of the sweetest dance music you've ever heard.

For our Bumblebee Disco we have invited Miami native Ivy Feraco to open up with some smooth and sexy grooves. Next up, Detroit expats Mike Servito and Patrick Russel will be sure to keep your bee stinger wiggling all night. Expect to hear disco, house, classics, and other undefinable vintage dance music tracks.

Freshly opened Bellwether has invited the ladies of Kiss & Tell for a monthly residency. In addition to amazing decor, delicious food, and affordable drinks, they have a fabulous hifi Klipsch sound system that will knock your socks off with its clarity and depth. Dress in a combination of yellow and black, to be the sweetest temptation that even the most fabulous flower in the garden couldn't resist. There is a full dinner menu available, lots of heavenly small plates, and a raw bar too. If you just want to show up to drink and dance, that's fine too, as the back room will be dancefloor-ready by 10pm. Bellwether will be preparing a honey inspired drink special just for this edition of Kiss & Tell.


Guest DJ: Mike Servito is a DJ’s DJ — a lifelong music fanatic with a truly unique ability to move a dance floor. Fearless in his seamless transitions from one style to another, Servito has an unpredictability and a deep trust in his music knowledge that has garnered him a cult following over the years. Although Servito is a New York transplant, his DJ style is unmistakably Detroit. Inspired by Detroit radio of the ‘80s and the city’s local DJs in the ‘90s, Servito came of age in a flourishing electronic music scene, making his debut in 1995 and immediately gaining attention and the respect of his peers and local techno heroes. After a brief hiatus, Servito was lured back through the vigorous encouragement of his close friend Magda. He returned to the DJ realm in 2002, redefining himself and finding inspiration in the new generation of electronic-music producers and DJs. Mike Servito was among the original UNTITLED residents, whose ranks include Matthew Dear, Derek Plaslaiko, Tadd Mullinix, and Ryan Elliott. He has played multiple Detroit Electronic Music Festivals and has held court with some of the best talent in the world. In 2008, Servito became an addition to Ghostly’s DJ roster. 2012 marks new territory with a residency at The Bunker in Brooklyn and representation worldwide, courtesy of Beyond Booking.

Kiss & Tell Guest DJ: Patrick Russell is a serious name to watch. A Detroit-bred DJ, artist and producer since the early 90's, Patrick has played countless clubs, parties, and high-profile events throughout his career. His resume highlights include everything from performing at the 2001 & 2008 DEMF/Movement festivals to an exclusive opening for Jeff Mills in Detroit in 2007. His taste has always been impeccable and his sets just get better and better as time progresses. And fans in Detroit and beyond are taking notice, as many of them are singing the praises of his artistry very loudly these days. Patrick's past three sets at The Bunker have all been nothing less than incredible, and we're very excited to hear what he brings to the table tonight.

Kiss & Tell Guest DJ: Ivy Feraco (aka Unjust) is a native South Floridian who grew up with freestyle, bass, Kraftwerk and Cybotron on the radio. It was only a matter of time until she affiliated herself with the Miami-grown label Schematic and started playing and throwing parties to bring new music to the people. Eight years ago she transplanted to the LES, where she became involved in the techno community as an early Bunker resident and proved herself as a versatile dj. Above all, Ivy loves to bring different styles and beats into her sets to get the party started and a point across.

Kiss & Tell Hostess, Photographer: Seze Devres started Kiss & Tell as an extension of her raunchy knitting circle at Trash Bar on December 7, 2005. With a lot of help, support, and encouragement from her friends the party has become its own little monster. When she is is not dreaming up crazy themes and guests for Kiss & Tell she is a full time artist and designer. Seze's images and designs have graced dozens of galleries, record covers, posters, flyers, magazines, and web sites. She also co-hosts and photographs the guests of The Bunker, a world renowned weekly techno party in Brooklyn.

Thank you to Beyond Booking for support and promotion.