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Kiss & Tell: October Love Song

 [L.I.E.S., The Bunker New York]
Maroje T [Remedy]
Lovatron [Kiss & Tell]
b2b Lethal Trip
[Techno Bangs]

Bossa Nova Civic Club - 1271 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Party pics by Seze Devres Photography


Antenes is Lori Napoleon, a truly exceptional techno and ambient DJ, and she is currently working on a new record for The Bunker NY. Lori is one of the most sensitive and creative artists/producers I know. Insightful and meditative, she creates art slowly and with deepest intention. I met Lori many moons ago through our mutual friend Adam X. Along with our friendship, we have a long lasting creative collaborative connection. I have been booking her, photographing her DJ press portraits, and documenting her homemade synthesizers (which are fashioned from antique telephone switchboards) for almost a decade. Lori always plays a more feminine italo and electro jams for her Kiss & Tell sets. I am so happy to have her back! antenes

Electro/break-beat/techno selector from New York City. Yugoslavian born, Brooklyn based Maroje T wants to mess with your mind. His experimental, distortion driven sets are meant to make you dream and move. A DJ and producer with years of experience, Maroje's style can't be easily pigeonholed. Heavily influenced by metal, punk and electro-breakbeat when growing up in socialist Europe, Maroje weaves his sets together through distorted drums and texture, moving seamlessly between electro, techno and classic Detroit sounds. Maroje is the founder of Remedy parties—carefully choreographed, intimate Brooklyn gatherings catering to diverse crowds and dancefloors.


New York City-based, Lethal Trip, grew up in a household with a strong background in music and art. She fell in love with dance music (house and techno in particular) at an early age. After going to school for fashion designing, she decided to pursue her love for music. She quickly made her way into the nightlife scene, and has played for places like Le Baron, Cameo Gallery, Happy Ending, as well as warehouses and fashion week events. In December of 2015, she opened for Frankie Bones in Massachusetts, an experience she was grateful for. In 2017, she started her own femme techno collective called Techno Bangs, that aims to showcase female talent in a male-dominated industry.


Lovatron is Angie Jenkins, my new Kiss & Tell resident, and one of my most reliable lady friends. She’s a 9-5 working girl but moonlights as a DJ and writer. Also, check out her sexy and fabulous "not safe for work" curated mood blog Angie enjoys setting up the night and laying the feels for Kiss & Tell, so come early.