Kiss & Tell October, 2008


Kiss & Tell Presents:
Lets Get Physical, the workout party

Kiss & Tell Fitness Club

Spinning: Spinoza
Weight Training: Anthony Parasole
Aerobics: Bethany Benzur
Membership & Management: Seze & Deanna
Before & After Pics: Seze & Zach
Mind & Body: Dame Darcy
Bar: Yesica

Hope to see you all dress down: sweats, spandex, leg warmers, headbands, trainers, sneakers, leggings, etc.

Don't be ashamed if you get all hot and sweaty at the workout edition of sexy monthly party Kiss & Tell. This month, Seze has invited her favorite exercise buddies to play some fun calorie burning jams. Spinning instructor Spinoza will play a short but sweet booty bass set for all the lovely big bottomed girls out there. You'll need to replace lot of proteins after your weight training session with house music expert Anthony Parasole. Our fabulous aerobics instructor Bethany Benzur will make you shine like a disco diva as you dance your worries away. Seze and Deanna will be there to greet you at the membership desk to help you find the perfect trainer that is just right for you. Come dressed in your favorite workout sweats and spandex. As always, if you tell the hosts Seze and Deanna a saucy carb filled secret you get a free diet treat.