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 [L.I.E.S., The Bunker New York ]
Earth Boys LIVE [1080p, 2MR, Let's Play House, Public Release]
DJ Elle Dee
Lovatron aka Angie Jenkins - early after work happy hour set

Bossa Nova Civic Club - 1271 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Pics by Seze Devres Photography


Antenes is Lori Napoleon, a truly exceptional techno and ambient DJ, and she is currently working on a new record for The Bunker NY. Lori is one of the most sensitive and creative artists/producers I know. Insightful and meditative, she creates art slowly and with deepest intention. I met Lori many moons ago through our mutual friend Adam X. Along with our friendship, we have a long lasting creative collaborative connection. I have been booking her, photographing her DJ press portraits, and documenting her homemade synthesizers (which are fashioned from antique telephone switchboards) for almost a decade. Lori always plays a more feminine italo and electro jams for her Kiss & Tell sets. I am so happy to have her back! antenes

Earth Boys
Earth-based producers Julian Duron and Michael Sherburn make heady grooves. Stoner House pioneers, Earth Boys, construct each track in a deep haze—vintage house, smooth jazz and breakbeats—compiling moody vocals and reverb drenched synths to create their signature, tongue-in-cheek sound. Duron and Sherburn frequently collaborate on other projects—DUST, Christian Surfer—and “Welcome 2 Earth” has collaborations with Lemon D (Planet Earth, Metalheadz, Kickin Records). Earth Boys blaze the streets of NYC with a serious mission, to get the whole universe high as hell. earthboys

Elle Dee
A dominant force in the New York City club scene for almost 10 years, Elle Dee is known for her ability to make crowds dance, no matter the genre - shifting between rock and disco to deep house and techno. A background in drumming and percussion provided this Brazilian-born New Yorker with an intrinsic understanding of beat and rhythm. Her music selections and ability to read the dance floor have helped her land gigs at both some of the best New York hot spots, such as The Boom Boom Room, Provocateur and Le Bain and at clubs around the world. In addition to club gigs, she continues with residencies in the City at Omar's La Ranita, Sanatorium and Provocateur and she recently begun producing her own style of deep house and techno music. She also works with high-fashion clients like Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela, Tiffany & Co., Vogue, W magazine, Interview, and many others. Elle Dee is a fixture across New York City, popping up at parties both on the dance floor and behind the decks. djelledee

Lovatron is Angie Jenkins, my new Kiss & Tell resident, and one of my most reliable lady friends. She’s a 9-5 working girl but moonlights as a DJ and writer. Also, check out her sexy and fabulous "not safe for work" curated mood blog Angie enjoys setting up the night and laying the feels for Kiss & Tell, so come early.