Kiss & Tell January 7, 2009

Flyer by Seze

+ Kiss & Tell Party +
We party the first Wednesday of every month.
8pm - 2am @ Rose Bar in Williamsburg
345 Grand St Brooklyn, NYC (Between Marcy and Havemeyer)
Directions: L train to Bedford or Lorimer; G to Metropolitan

Kiss & Tell Presents: Guilty Pleasures
Seze's Synth Pop Birthday Party
Wednesday January 7, 2009
Guest DJs: John Selway, Carrie Whitenoise
Burlesque by: Amber Ray
Hosted by:  Seze & Deanna
Kiss & Tell Resident DJ: Bethany Benzur
Party photos by: Seze Devres & Zach Dilgard

While still in kindergarten, Kiss & Tell hostess Seze fell in love with the soothing sounds of synth pop and new wave. When she was six, her first true loves were Adam Ant, David Bowie and Bryan Ferry. Who doesn't love the gorgeous voices of those handsome androgynous men of the 80s?

Since it is both Seze's and David Bowie's birthday, we have planned a night of all of our guilty pleasures: synth pop, e.b.m., futurepop, electropop, flexipop, technopop, and other equally ridiculously named genres that many are afraid to admit they like. Tonight, come out of the synth pop closet and embrace the cheesiness with all of your friends at Kiss & Tell. This month's Kiss & Tell DJs are dying to share all their naughty audio guilty pleasures with you. We have recruited New York's very own John Selway and Carrie Whitenoise to play some sexy crunchy retro songs.

John Selway was not remotely embarrassed to indulge us with a nice set of super gay synth pop. In fact, he was pretty excited, and has been warning us he's digging very deep in his record crates to pull out some real gems for this set. Since 1992, he has been producing music, playing killer techno sets, and remixing some of our favorite artists (Alexi Delano, Fischerspooner, among dozens of others). Selway, like most great DJs, has a very wide range of musical interests. He is an electronic music legend, and we're honored he's joining us behind the decks.

Carrie Whitenoise, a Brooklyn Life Radio DJ, has been coming to Kiss & Tell for a while and she too has wonderful taste in music. Tonight she will be playing a mix of rare flexipop singles and hard to find electronic gems. What are flexipop records? Remember those thin and flexible 7 inch records that came with magazines? Carrie has tons of them!

Starting promptly at 8pm, our lovely blonde encyclopedia of disco, Bethany Benzur, will be indulging the dance floor with guilty pleasures of the italo and 80s disco kind.

$5 Vegetarian Pasta Dinners all night.
Donations accepted for BARC Animal Shelter

Kiss & Tell Party Photos
by Zach Dilgard & Seze Devres:

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Special Guest DJ: John Selway
From the early 90's to the present, John Selway has built a high quality catalog of productions, both on his own and as a collaborator in various artist and label projects. From his first electronic band Chaotic Sound Matrix, to his major contributions to the early productions of Deep Dish; from his first success in the techno world as part of the seminal New York duo Disintegrator to the most successful of his collaborations, Smith & Selway, and his deep and minimal techno label CSM; from the intelligent electro-funk of Synapse and Serotonin Records, the electro and synth-pop of Memory Boy to the wild improvisational eclecticism of the Rancho Relaxo Allstars, Selway has created one of the most stylistically wide ranging bodies of work in the world of electronic dance music.
Holy cow look at this:

Special Guest DJ: Carrie Whitenoise
Carrie Whitenoise's musical background began when she received her first Korg DS-8 in 1988 and was taught her first lessons in MIDI. Ever since her love of all things electro, industrial, new wave and minimal grew into a monster. She's been throwing parties for 10 years and djing for 5. You can find her mixes on the ABL:Radio podcasts through

Kiss & Tell Burlesque by: Amber Ray
Amber Ray is our in house burlesque starlet. She regularly performs her incredibly creative and seductive skits at Kiss & Tell. You might have seen her at our Valentine's Broken Hearts Party and our Dog Days of Summer Party where she danced around to "Can Your Pussy Do the Dog?" by the Cramps in a very sexy puppy costume. For this month's spectacle she is going to perform a naughty 60s striptease to the Velevet Underground. When she is not doing her adorable skits at every cool cocktail party in NYC and around the country, Amber is a showgirl costumer, stylist, and art model. We love Amber and so should you!

Kiss & Tell Resident DJ: Bethany Benzur
Bethany Benzur is our resident disco encyclopedia and vinyl purist from Georgia. Recently emigrating to the Big Apple, Bethany has been ruling the dancefloor at Kiss & Tell parties with her Southern charm. The DJ nerds are regularly awed by her selections, and she joins us each month to warm you up with her mix of raunchy electro, glamorous dark disco, and soulful street funk. She is sometimes joined behind the decks by her husband (and italo disco nerd) Gabe.

Kiss & Tell Hostess: Kiss & Tell Hostess: Deanna Asta
Deanna Asta met Seze, her fellow lady of the nightlife, a few years ago at The Bunker and they bonded instantly. Seze asked Deanna to help co-host Kiss & Tell once it moved to Rose Bar and she happily obliged. Deanna always shows up to Kiss & Tell with a bag full of tricks. She is our decorating goddess and makes sure everyone at the party is looking great and having a good time. She somehow convinced every guest to wear fake moustaches at the French pop party, and she dragged a vintage Nordic Track machine to the aerobics party! She holds a degree in design and over the years she has art directed/managed many design events and parties in NYC through her previous employment with When she's not enjoying the nightlife she's busy earning her second degree in Psychiatric Nursing.

Kiss & Tell Hostess & Photographer & Flyer Designer: Seze Devres
Seze Devres started Kiss & Tell as an extention of her raunchy knitting circle at Trash Bar in Williamsburg on December 7, 2005. Only a few people showed up to her party. However wiith a lot of help, support, and encouragement from her friends the party has become its own little beast. When she is is not dreaming up crazy themes for Kiss & Tell she is a full time artist, photographer, designer and curator.


Kiss & Tell Photographer: Zach Dilgard
Zach Dilgard has been coming to Kiss & Tell and dancing up a storm for years. He regularly photographs Kiss & Tell Party and shoots some big name rock stars for Brooklyn Vegan, among others.