Kiss & Tell home -

Bossa Nova Civic Club - Brooklyn, NY
Thursday January 11th 10pm-4am
party pics by Seze Devres Photography NYC

Hosted by Seze

Kiss & Tell Party: Love Hangover 
Sassmouth [God Particle, Smart Bar, Chicago]
Star Eyes [Chaos Clan, NYC]
Beto Cravioto [FBI Warning, Allergy Season, NYC]

I am very excited to finally have Sassmouth aka Sam Kern from Chicago play Kiss & Tell. Years in the making, Sassmouth is a kindred Kiss & Tell sister spirit. She will be coming to town for my yearly Valentine's Day extravaganza. DJ extraordinaire Star Eyes also hosts a daily show on RBMA Radio called Peak Time. Star Eyes of Chaos Clan puts aside the heavy bass, channeling her love of goth/industrial/EBM/new wave/dark disco into a deliciously heartbreak-themed set perfect for the bloody aftermath of Valentines Day. Beto Cravioto will be on the decks early on for some sweet and sexy disco, Italo, and house tracks. Bring a friend, bring a date, just take yourself out! Come dance off that nasty, naughty love hangover.

Over the past year Beto Cravioto has become one of New York's premiere DJ talents, bringing his special brand of deephouse and disco to some of the best parties in the city, including his own Kaviar Disco Club nights. His mostly vinyl DJ sets are always a treat & have impressed just about everyone. For how little time he's been around, he's already shared the decks with a wide range of dj's. From Fred Falke to Tanner Ross. All the while Beto was impressing people on the dance floor he was quietly laboring in the studio, finding his own sound. "No Social Culture" is his first actual release so it was only natural that he teamed up with Justin Strauss and studio partner Bryan Mette (Whatever / Whatever) to bring this slow disco groover to its optimum place. betocravioto

One of the fascinating creatures that our Planet houses is the ever-elusive Sassmouth. Fortunately, the Planet Chicago recording crew caught some sounds from her natural habitat, and we just finished listening to the entire Sassmouth ‘Collected Mixes’ and ‘Selected Productions.’ The music explores all aspects of our Planet. Mind the abundant basslines, dazzling melodies, and unparalleled orchestral score. I was absolutely gobsmacked from start to finish indeed! As of her ‘god particle’ label launch in early 2013, and ‘Planet Chicago’ club night launch at the legendary ‘Smartbar’ in early 2014 where she continues her Chicago residency, one can say that she is quite simply the inimitable nature/wildlife/DJ/ producer. Following the similarly paramount achievement of being enlisted as a resident for the San Francisco based ‘As You Like It’ production group in early 2013, this colossal cephalopod continued to so sensibly organize each and every impromptu mix whilst covering specific genre regions and/or habitats (deep oceans, techno, Great Lakes, house, shallow seas, electro, urban rivers, experimental, etc.) until the entire Planet was magnificently represented by the most astonishing sounds you’ve ever experienced from the comforts of home, club, or NBFC underground party. sassmouth

The name Star Eyes is synonymous with raw underground bass music. A founding member of the world-renowned Trouble & Bass crew, this NYC bat girl causes mayhem around the world with DJ sets and original tracks that swiftly connect the dots between regional American bass sounds and the hardcore continuum—though her style moves across eras and genres, her aesthetic is continually inspired by jungle, old-skool hardcore, and the warehouse parties in which she was raised. Star Eyes is based in Brooklyn, New York, where she runs Chaos Clan—a record label and monthly party. She is also an alumni of Red Bull Music Academy, a radio host on RBMA Radio, and a noted music journalist and curator whose work has appeared in XLR8R, VICE, Spin, and beyond. She has played at EDC, Sonar, Fabric, Rinse FM, and at music festivals from Camp Bisco to Burning Man. With world-class skills and a troublemaker’s attitude to match, Star Eyes has definitely earned the title "Brooklyn’s queen of heavy bass.” stareyes